The Future

"I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been."
- Wayne Gretzky, Greatest Hockey Player Ever
You may say we are dreamers...

How would you like to offer your residents the convenience of reserving your building's amenities whenever - from wherever - they want?

What type of productivity increase will you see from your front desk staff if they could quickly track building events using nothing more than their own voice?

And can you imagine the value of being notified gym equipment availability -- without even stepping into the gym?

At BuildingLink, we've thought of all of this. And boy, do we have something cooking!

... but believe us, we're not the only ones!

Our engineers are always crafting our product to continually grow what is your only choice for property management software. We have also partnered with equally inventive companies that are making incredible strides in technologies that improve quality of life.

Our goal? It's simple: to offer you amazing technology combined into one seamless solution to make your life better.

We are building links (Yes, pun totally intended!) from our web-based solutions to some of the most amazing hardware we have ever seen to track your building's "pulse," so to speak. You, and your residents, can be informed of what's happening in your property at any given moment.

We are working on energy monitoring and usage analysis. Exploring new methods of payment processing. Testing stronger data encryption. Using speedy, cloud-based communications. And playing with a myriad of sensors that can detect and wirelessly transmit data on location, altitude, and movement! Oh my...!

While we're still quite a distance away from the futuristic ideas of vacationing on the moon or operating flying cars, the concept of a living in a connected and intelligent home is very much a reality today.

And with our ingenious new friends, BuildingLink is here to put it within your reach.