Communication - It's Never Been Easier!

At BuildingLink, we know how essential communication is when running any residential building, and also how difficult "good communication" can be. Our software strives for effortless and accurate communication, making it easy to get the right information to the right people. You'll be able to seamlessly communicate important information to your residents, while also dramatically improving internal communication among staff/management.

Inform your residents with automatic notifications

BuildingLink features a very powerful and highly configurable notification system. Your residents can choose to receive automatic emails, text messages, or push-notifications whenever something important happens- be it a package, drop-off, a new bulletin board post, or a work order confirmation. Residents can select which notifications they receive, so that they are notified of events that are important to them, and not notified of those that aren't. The events that can be configured to send out a notification include:

  • Package delivery and pickup
  • Guest arrival and departure
  • Status change on a work order/repair request
  • New survey question posted by management
  • New bulletin board post by another resident
  • Key return/removal

Stay on top of things during emergencies

Our Emergency Broadcast System allows you to reliably contact all of your residents within minutes, so you can send important announcements regarding power failures, invasive repairs, evacuation instructions during a storm, etc...Our system makes three attempts to contact each resident in case of interrupted calls or hang-ups, and you can track the "answered" status for each recipient. This is the perfect system to demonstrate to your residents that their building is on top of things during the most hectic situations.

Improve communication between staff

Receive automatic notifications whenever maintenance requests, amenity reservations, permission-to-enter instructions, etc. are recorded by front desk staff. Again, you choose which notifications you want, as all information is clearly visible to you as soon as you log into BuildingLink. Your homepage prominently displays the number of open repair requests, amenity reservation requests, and bulletin board posts pending your approval, so you don't have to hunt down your staff and ask them. In addition to email functions and tools, you can also communicate directly with the front desk by entering instructions that display prominently on the staff homepage. Our shift log feature keeps an electronic log of all activity at the Front Desk, and has an advanced search function that allows you to filter notes by associated apartment, priority level , employee who entered the note, and keyword, in addition to the more obvious "date entered."An employee directory maintains the current employees on shift, as well as employee info such as phone numbers, emails, and emergency contacts. Here are some examples of features that enhance inter-staff communication:

  • Shift Log
  • Custom Email Groups
  • Employees on Duty
  • Employee Directory
  • Instructions to Front Desk
  • Building Document Library