Integration -
No Double Entry

Many of our subscribing customers get to a point where they want to be able to integrate the data that exists in their accounting software with the data that exists in their BuildingLink database. Our customer base uses a wide range of accounting software packages including Yardi, MRI, and OneSite.

Unlike typical software integration projects, which can be lengthy, costly, frustrating or error-prone, BuildingLink accounting integration takes all these concerns out of the equation. We've created a powerfull Integration Engine that takes all the work away from you, your software administrator, your management company’s IT staff, and even the support department of your accounting software vendor.

Using the BuildingLink Integration Engine we've created, we can reduce the amount of time it takes to integrate your accounting data with BuildingLink, from the typical 3-6 months that software integration projects like this take, to 1-2 weeks. And all the while, accuracy is our first priority.

We integrate with:

  • MRI
  • Yardi
  • OneSite
  • AMSI
  • Jenark
  • C3
  • Caliber
  • CINC
  • Connect
  • Entrata
  • IBS
  • MDS
  • Timberline
  • Qube
  • RentPayment
  • PayLease
  • ClickPay
  • Aptexx
  • and many more…