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Aware! By BuildingLink and Sensor Solutions Kits

Aware! by BuildingLink is a special initiative we’re working on to make residential buildings intelligent — one smart sensor at a time.

At the heart of Aware! are Sensor Solutions Kits, networks of sensors that collect useful information from anywhere in a building. We're currently beta testing a kit in the fitness center of one of New York City's high-end residential buildings. There, it's allowing residents to see the availability of exercise equipment — down to a specific treadmill, elliptical machine, or stationary bike — via a convenient dashboard accessible from their home computer or mobile device.

Our fitness center kit also collects historical data that management can use to make important operational decisions. They can look up how often residents use specific machines and replace underused equipment with more popular choices. They can also monitor the fitness center's temperature and humidity and make adjustments to maintain a consistently comfortable workout environment.

We're envisioning a bright future for Aware! by BuildingLink and are working on several amazing additions to the program that bring greater awareness and transparency to:

  • Elevator patterns, malfunctions, and delays
  • Mail-arrival detection and reporting
  • Utilization rates of common spaces and amenities
  • Rodent trapping
  • Noise complaint disputes

"Aware" buildings powered by BuildingLink may soon be able to communicate with a variety of compatible devices, like smart locks, health monitoring devices, and even plant watering sensors. They might even be able to pull in "open data" relevant to building managers and residents from outside sources, a feature we're working on with our partners at Ontodia.

With Aware! by BuildingLink, the possibilities are endless!

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