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ConciergeLink: Featuring fast and bulletproof local storage

Web browsers are good enough most of the time, but they're not good enough for your critical use situations. For those use cases, we've been building ConciergeLink!

ConciergeLink features a powerful, locally-installed touchscreen-optimized console and database that handles the bulk of your front desk operations and manages Internet connectivity and database syncing in the background, bulletproofing the front desk from Internet interruptions or slow speeds.

Here are some of the features we are building into ConciergeLink:

  • Speedy employee-switching functions, so your busy front desk staff can share the same computer without logging out and in all day long.
  • Local database storage so your resident info, packages, instructions, etc. pop up and can be updated instantly. We do the slower work of synching up to our BuildingLink database behind the scenes, where it won't get in your busy way!
  • Voice Recognition mode, so a staff member can say, "Apt 2A, FedEx, one small box," and the data will be entered and ready to save.
  • Label Recognition mode, using OCR to automatically identify and log in packages from a scan of the shipping label.
  • A stunningly simple Hardware Settings dashboard for managing, installing, or troubleshooting your hardware peripherals (signature pad, auto-dialer, label printer, ID scanner, etc.)
  • Real-time communication with Companion, our resident-facing Android Tablet App that makes it easy for residents, visitors, and contractors to sign in or out, reducing the staff member’s work load, especially during rush hours.

We are currently accepting Beta testers. Contact us if "speedy front desk operations" is your thing!

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