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Have you ever called a tech-savvy friend to help troubleshoot temperamental hardware? Or maybe you just wish a member of our Support Staff could attend your front desk 24/7?

Meet Connector, our solution to temperamental peripherals and the irritating error messages they cause. Connector is a lightweight program with one goal: to diagnose hardware issues and get your peripherals up and running in no time. It lives on your computer, so it's close to the action, always ready to help diagnose and fix hardware issues the second they pop up.


First, Connector is bred to troubleshoot. When you connect a barcode scanner and it decides not to work, Connector will find out why and show you exactly what went wrong. You can use this information to fix the device yourself or can pass it along to our Support team for a quick solution.

Second, let's talk about device drivers. Whether it's a barcode scanner or a signature pad, every peripheral "speaks" a different language. Your computer or web browser is only able to understand that language via a device driver — think of it as a translator between your computer and a specific peripheral, like a signature pad. If your computer doesn't have a specific device driver, it can't speak with your signature pad, and can't connect to it.

Device drivers are a major hassle (for you and us), so we made Connector "multilingual." In one place, it houses all the device drivers your computer and web browser need to speak with every BuildingLink compatible device. And if a driver needs updating, Connector does it automatically.

Think of Connector as a junior member of our Support Team. We're thrilled to finish testing soon and make it available to everyone!

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