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Partner API: Build your dream
"I dream things that never were and say, why not?" — Robert F. Kennedy

You've got interesting ideas. Maybe ideas on how to make BuildingLink faster, smarter, greener, weirder, or just more "you." Or maybe ideas on interacting with your data in new ways, linking it to other products or platforms, or crafting apps for others to use. Our response: Go For It!

We're excited to be working on our Partner API, giving solutions-oriented people the chance to leverage their BuildingLink data and functionality to find creative ways of bringing their ideas to life.

Our API will be open to anyone who has an inventive concept, whether you're a property manager who has access to a software developer, or a software developer who's itching to find the perfect place to plug in their application. If you can find better, cleverer, or more uniquely personalized user interfaces for what buildings can do with our functionalities, we’re empowering you to do it.

We hope our Partner API will open up a world of possibilities, one that's limited only by your creativity. Will you develop and implement a visitor management kiosk for your lobby? Or make a mobile app that turns your parking garage staff's phones into license plate scanners? How about smart home integration that allows residents to monitor their pets or plants? We're excited to see what you can come up with.

The API functionality for certain BuildingLink modules will be available to outside developers as early as Spring 2017.

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