BuildingLink Labs

Technology Partners

BuildingLink is teaming up with Covertix to share innovative file encryption technology that keeps important documents secure, even allowing you to destroy files remotely.

Collaboration with Enertiv means creating a real time energy consumption dashboard. We want to help buildings lower their carbon footprint — and quickly identifying if a single output or appliance isn’t operating at full efficiency is an important step toward that.

Lemonade has created the world's first peer-to-peer insurance policy, and BuildingLink is piloting it in a few New York buildings. Lemonade charges a flat fee for its services, so it doesn't gain money from denying claims, and unused money is returned as a rebate to customers. We're hoping that, together, Lemonade and BuildingLink can provide a convenient and reliable renter's insurance for BuildingLink users.

Nucleus Life is reinventing the home intercom. Via live video chat, you can check on elderly relatives, supervise children, and catch up with family in different rooms — or even different apartments. To add on to Nucleus Life's great work, we're testing the possibility of connecting your apartment to the front desk concierge.

Ontodia is at the forefront of unearthing and harnessing civic data. Together, Ontodia and BuildingLink want to make it easy for building managers to access useful statistics. Our pilot project is distilling New York City's mountain of data into the most essential information for residents and managers.

We're putting our heads together with Panorama to discover how to mine your building's operating data and compile its corresponding analytics.

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